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Welcome to your family in Saintfield Parish.                       

As you can see, there are many things going on but whether you simply want to find out about the  organisations, or feel you just want to explore and encounter more of Jesus in your life, this family is here to help you.

Maybe you want to ask about a Wedding or Baptism or maybe your life is hard at this moment in work, school or within the family and you are not sure where it is all going or what to do next?

Maybe you just need to chat to someone about who God is and his love for you ?  No matter your need, allow this family in Saintfield Parish to serve you. That’s why we are here and how we serve Jesus!  Through serving you   Chris 


Love, Grow, Serve, Go! 

We seek to Love and know Jesus  through warm Church fellowship, healthy worship, honest bible teaching and prayer.


We want to grow in Christ in the ways that make a difference to us and the world around us.


We want to all serve Jesus through serving the community with generosity and compassion.


We want to go and share how amazing Jesus is and how good God is for usd and for you!!

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