Sunday May 9th 2021 Holy Communion 

@ 10.30am Live

RS1866_19-Kenya-Kitui-(ADS)-County Clima

Rose is caught in a cycle of climate chaos. From severe drought to flooding, extreme weather robs her of what she needs to survive: a reliable source of water.


When she was a child, Rose remembers how often the rains would fall, giving fruit to the baobab trees and providing plenty of nutritious food to eat.


Rose says ‘When I was a young girl, there was plenty of food.’ 


For Rose now, the rains are totally unreliable. The climate crisis has galvanised extreme weather and Rose’s community are feeling the brunt of it. For months at a time, Rose and her family live with drought. Extreme weather means people like Rose are struggling to survive without a reliable source of water.  

Rose strives to provide for her grandchildren who live with her.             


She does all she can to give them happy childhoods, like the times she remembers when there was plenty of food. But the climate crisis is driving her to the brink. In times of drought, Rose sets out on a long and dangerous journey every morning to collect water for her family. She walks on an empty stomach.


She says…

‘Because I am old, I can’t walk very fast. When I get home I just rest in the evening. I have no energy to do anything else’. 


With a reliable source of water, people like Rose would be free from long, painful journeys. They would be able to grow fresh vegetables to eat. They would be able to protect themselves from the dangers of coronavirus. With such dire need, every last drop of water that falls in Rose’s community is precious. This Christian Aid Week, will you stand with people like Rose for every last drop and help them fight the climate crisis? 


We have envelopes available in Church May 9th & 16th at 10.30am and in Church Office.            

There will be a retiring collections for Rose and all the millions like Rose in our world. 

I believe God gives me strength and helps me persevere. I pray that God will help people to help me. 

 Rose Rose Katanu Jonathan


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